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How English became widespread globally

English is the third most-spoken language in the world. Although not all of the world’s seven billion people understand or speak English, it is considered as the global dominant language, being a lingua franca. More than 375 million people speak English as a primary language, with most of them are domiciled in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Around 400 million to around a billion people, meanwhile, speak English as a second language, depending on the variety of mastery.  Around 200 million have mastered English as their second language, with a large number of them living in the Philippines and India, as well as Nigeria.

While the English language originated in the area near northwest Germany, it was really a consolidation of different Germanic dialects when it reached Britain. Read the rest of this entry


UK shadow education secretary wants to license teachers

How would you ensure that students are getting quality education? There are many factors to consider and to weigh in to make sure that students are really primed to be educated the right way and in the right place. One of these factors is having quality teachers.

Typically, governments and their regulating education agencies or departments would want to heighten the level by raising teachers standard.

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party is planning to license teachers in a bid to raise new standards. Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt wants to resurrect a plan that the previous administration had. Read the rest of this entry