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UK University Admission: Six Personal Statement Trivia

When applying for a course in a university or a college in the United Kingdom, you are well expected to submit as well a personal statement. Also known as admission essay, the personal statement is a short yet non-fiction work that allows you to tell about yourself. You have to be an essay writer for you to be able to create a good personal statement.

According to the Universities and Colleges Admission Service or most commonly known as UCAS, the personal statement is your ideal opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants. It will allow you to tell the university you are applying to about you suitability for the course that you want to study. Thus, learning how to write a personal statement is an important matter that you should have more knowledge of.

Before you are to write your personal statement, here are six trivia that might help you in your quest to be admitted at your chosen university or college. Read the rest of this entry


Decisions HE schools make after the application process

By around end of March, universities and colleges would have made their decisions who to accept among the applicants for their chosen courses. Applicants who submitted their applications and personal statements to the Universities and Colleges Admission Service — or UCAS – on or before the 15 January 2014, deadline would sooner or later know whether they made it and could become a university student in the next academic term.

But what decisions can applicants expect from the universities or colleges they applied to?

Universities and colleges typically have admission tutors to determine whether an applicant is suitable to study their offered courses. Read the rest of this entry