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Compulsory Language Lessons in England: Many teachers “ill-equipped”

A new research showed that around 23 per cent of primary schools in England had teachers whose highest language qualification was a GCSE, according to a report by BBC News. The results of the research come as all primary schools in the country are expected to provide language lessons to students from seven to 11 years old starting September.

The research suggests that primary schools are increasingly becoming ill-equipped to teach language to their students. According to BBC, the study said many primary schools did “not have access to teaching staff with specialist training in the teaching of languages to young children.”

Around 31 per cent of primary schools had teachers with an A-level in a foreign language while only 30 per cent had staff with a language degree.

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£7,500 dangled to have graduates teach maths at FE colleges

Attracting capable maths teachers at further education colleges in England has become easier after the government dangled £7,500 in “golden hello” money to graduates interested in taking up such a teaching post. Such amount would be very appealing, even for me who has been taking essay writing jobs for a time now.

As reported by Katherine Sellgren, education reporter for BBC News, the government is injecting around £20 million in England’s FE sector, with an eye to recruiting more than 500 maths teachers by September 2015.

What do you think? Would that work?

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The Tangents

I really could relate to to this post. It is true and is happening, albeit on different situations, around the world.

Avoiding Neverland

Dear Students,

I know what you’re doing.  It’s nothing new.  You think you’re distracting me, skillfully diverting the teacher’s attention away from the lesson and starting me on some tangential discussion.  You think you’re somehow “winning” because we didn’t get as far as I’d planned in the lesson.

I love it.  You think I haven’t seen this before?  I know who you are.  I know what to look for, when to indulge you, and when to steer us back on course.  Don’t you understand? I want nothing more than to engage these discussions, to embrace your questions, and to revel in the spontaneity of learning!

Yes, learning.  Believe it or not, this is when the “shaping lives” part of my job takes place.  This is when I can talk to you about things that are real and relevant to you right now.  Not that my planned lessons are irrelevant…

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UK shadow education secretary wants to license teachers

How would you ensure that students are getting quality education? There are many factors to consider and to weigh in to make sure that students are really primed to be educated the right way and in the right place. One of these factors is having quality teachers.

Typically, governments and their regulating education agencies or departments would want to heighten the level by raising teachers standard.

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party is planning to license teachers in a bid to raise new standards. Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt wants to resurrect a plan that the previous administration had. Read the rest of this entry