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Who Writes Your Essays?

What sets apart an essay writing student and a professional essay writer? Is it their skills, their talent or their attitude? Do you need to approach a professional essay writer for you to be able to compose a quality academic paper?

You perhaps thought that that the main difference between a student and a professional writer is their writing skills. However, have you ever considered that a student could be as skilful as a professional in writing essays?

You may answer that the difference lies on the amount or concentration of research done. However, a student could also conduct research as extensive or as intensive as a professional essay writer could.

You may also cite tools and materials as the things that set apart students from professionals. But think of it any student could also use any means employed by a professional. Read the rest of this entry


“Student-Led lectures…seeks to address the concerns of students who are missing lectures”

While students could help each other during instances like this, it is still the best to leave the teaching to those who are qualified and well-trained to teach.

What grinds my gears


Its been a little while since I let out a good blog!! This isn’t because of a lack of reasons to get on the proverbial soapbox and have a good rant, but because I have just been a busy bee, so for that I apologies. To make up for it, this will be the first of two posts today. Lets start with getting this pile of horse off my chest!

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The Tangents

I really could relate to to this post. It is true and is happening, albeit on different situations, around the world.

Avoiding Neverland

Dear Students,

I know what you’re doing.  It’s nothing new.  You think you’re distracting me, skillfully diverting the teacher’s attention away from the lesson and starting me on some tangential discussion.  You think you’re somehow “winning” because we didn’t get as far as I’d planned in the lesson.

I love it.  You think I haven’t seen this before?  I know who you are.  I know what to look for, when to indulge you, and when to steer us back on course.  Don’t you understand? I want nothing more than to engage these discussions, to embrace your questions, and to revel in the spontaneity of learning!

Yes, learning.  Believe it or not, this is when the “shaping lives” part of my job takes place.  This is when I can talk to you about things that are real and relevant to you right now.  Not that my planned lessons are irrelevant…

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The Price of Dreams Called Education in the United Kingdom

ugnholmes comments:


“Rallies are a reality in the UK education system. This blog tells why students resort to protest on the streets.”

Education and Life

student protest

In the coming days, students in the United Kingdom will be holding more protest rallies. They will be the continuation of the campaigns they started at the end of last year which is only a month ago. Their specific concerns include the privatisation of student loans, very high tuition fee, stagnant education services, the relevant issue around them which is the discrimination against cleaning staff, low salaries of school staff and faculty and even their right to hold protests.

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