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45% of Student Loans Won’t be Repaid Under New System

Replacing the old system with a worse one?

Under a new debt repayment system in England, students could only repay their loans when they are earning at least £21,000 a year. Because of this, the government now says that around 45 per cent of them would not be able to repay their loans, since they would not earn enough to do so.

This means that the government will just have to write off 45 per cent of loans extended to student, under the new system.

This also means that nearly half of future graduates are studying for free, and would not have to worry about paying off what they owe to taxpayers.

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Who Writes Your Essays?

What sets apart an essay writing student and a professional essay writer? Is it their skills, their talent or their attitude? Do you need to approach a professional essay writer for you to be able to compose a quality academic paper?

You perhaps thought that that the main difference between a student and a professional writer is their writing skills. However, have you ever considered that a student could be as skilful as a professional in writing essays?

You may answer that the difference lies on the amount or concentration of research done. However, a student could also conduct research as extensive or as intensive as a professional essay writer could.

You may also cite tools and materials as the things that set apart students from professionals. But think of it any student could also use any means employed by a professional. Read the rest of this entry