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Things to consider when writing school assignments

Writing an assignment may look like an easy task. But why is it that many students see assignment as a burden, instead of being a useful academic tool? Well, the fact is that assignments sometimes could be easy and sometimes could be difficult.

The difficulty levels of school assignments vary from each other. There are school assignments that almost any student could write. There are also assignments that only a few could accomplish with resounding success. Some students even seek profession help from assignment writing services just to be able to attain success in their given school projects. While students may not want to write school assignments, they need to because they are required to.

To attain success in writing an assignment, you – as a student – may need to consider some factors that could contribute to your writing success. Read the rest of this entry


Neuroplasticity and your ability to learn

One cannot teach an old dog with new tricks. Many believe that this also applies to humans. You may think your brain may no longer perform as much as you want compared to when you were younger. As a result, you may become discouraged in pursuing educational learning later in your life.

Scientists, however, strongly disagree with this line of thinking. Scientists have discovered that the brain has a distinct attribute called neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to restructure itself in response to an input, practice or training.

When the brain undergoes exposure to a certain stimulus, it reacts accordingly. Studies show that the brain can change when subject to repeated experience. Read the rest of this entry

Why you would want to go to school

While education is considered as an important part of human society, many students still do not like the idea of going to schools. They could be thinking that if they go to school, they might miss out some very important events in life. They could also be thinking that that going to school will not affect their ability and capacity to live in the future. They could also be thinking that going to school means doing boring and lifeless stuffs.

to be continued…