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Foreign Students in English Unis in Decline

The number of foreign students admitted at universities in England declined for the first time in 29 years, BBC News said, citing a report by the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

According to the Hefce report — Global demand for English higher education — the number of students from the European Union and other parts of the world has slid from 311,800 in academic year 2011-2012 to 307,205 in academic year 2012-2013. The report says that most decline were in the number of university entrants from South Asia, like India and Pakistan, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

In 2011-2012, the number of Indian students in English universities was 13,250, but dipped to just 10,235 in 2012-2013. On the other hand, there were 4,580 Pakistani students in 2011-2012, but for 2012-2013, their numbers dropped 38 per cent to 2,825. Read the rest of this entry