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How You Could Choose a College Course

Getting admitted to college or university is the dream of many young individuals around the world. They aspire to go into a good college or university and learn a lot of things on certain fields. Studying in college provides you a chance as well as an opportunity to start a better future.

That is why choosing your course should be a decision that you have to thoroughly think of.

Just like how you should choose a suitable topic for your essays, articles or any academic write-up, you should also pick a suitable course for yourself. After all, that could be the path that you would walk on for the rest of your life.

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The Best Universities in the World in 2013

Who would care about the best universities in the world? Certainly, a lot would, especially students and education stakeholders. It is because universities and colleges around world strive to become one of the best that they continue to improve the way they provide education to persons deserving it. I, personally, also care. While I’m an education news sender, info breaker and essay writer for you,” I still do care which university is the best in the world.

So, which schools could be considered as best universities in the world?

I have my own ranking of the best universities, but it would be deemed subjective as it is only based on my perception. My own list could be different from yours, and we could forever debate on the differences in the rankings we made. Read the rest of this entry

Education, innovation, and tradition

Education is a continuous process. As long as humans and society change through the years and as helped by technology, education will continue to evolve.

The Price of Dreams Called Education in the United Kingdom

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“Rallies are a reality in the UK education system. This blog tells why students resort to protest on the streets.”

Education and Life

student protest

In the coming days, students in the United Kingdom will be holding more protest rallies. They will be the continuation of the campaigns they started at the end of last year which is only a month ago. Their specific concerns include the privatisation of student loans, very high tuition fee, stagnant education services, the relevant issue around them which is the discrimination against cleaning staff, low salaries of school staff and faculty and even their right to hold protests.

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