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Why Dissertations are Difficult

Accomplishing a project called dissertation is easy to say, but is rather very difficult to do.  When university students receive instructions to write and submit a dissertation, they would typically put in their best effort this succeed in this academic project.

But no matter how much effort a university student would put into writing a dissertation, the fact remains that it is has always been considered a difficult project to accomplish.

Why is that so? Take a look at the reasons below.

  • A dissertation is a large academic paper. Smaller academic papers like essays typically contains fewer words than a dissertation. Read the rest of this entry

Attitudes Not Needed when Writing a Dissertation

A younger brother of a friend of mine is about to start writing his dissertation. After almost three years in university, this would be the first time that the younger brother (let us call him “Cole”) starts such a long and complicated academic project. It seems that he is not so enthusiastic about writing a dissertation. He is not feeling so confident on taking on this project on which depend his chances to receive his degree.

What Cole feels about writing a dissertation, however, is not uncommon. The truth is, not a few students have gained negative attitudes towards dissertation. While these attitudes are not needed, they still manage to creep into student’s mind and make him or her uncomfortable and less confident on accomplishing such an important task. As a result, a student would be less likely to write his or her dissertation the way he or she planned it to be. Ultimately, such attitudes could lead to a low-quality dissertation or a failed project. Read the rest of this entry