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As predicted, the Seattle Seahawks won by a landslide against the Denver Broncos, proving that the best defence could still be the best offence. The Seahawks were able to render the Broncos scoreless until the very end of the third quarter. It was like having nothing to write while taking an one-hour English essay exam until the 45th minute! It was also like being an essay writer for you but writing nothing!

The pressure was too much for the Broncos who gave up a safety in the first 12 seconds of the first half, and a return touchdown in the first 12 seconds of the second half. What was more impressive is how the Seahawks solve the offensive puzzle in Peyton Manning, the regular season MVP. The passing offence of the Broncos was completely read by the pass defence of the Seahawks. In fact,Manning attempted 49 passes and completed 34, a new record. But despite that number of completed passes, he only came away with 280 yards, averaging 5.7 yards per attempt.

Here are the

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highlights of the Super Bowl XLVIII



Super Bowl XLVIII and American Football

I’m in the midst of writing a sports essay when Google sent me an alarm for the Super Bowl event that will happen this Sunday in New Jersey. Last year, my favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens (I spent two years of life in the city) won the Super Bowl XLVII. Sadly though, the Ravens failed to make it to this year’s Big Game.

Anyway, another bird made it to the Super Bowl XLVIII.

For those who have heard of the Super Bowl, American Football and the National Football League (Yes, it is different from the football we play here in London) but don’t have a slight idea what it is, here’s an almost three-minute introductory video. Read the rest of this entry