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10 Must-Read Books for March

I’m back and here is a good read for those seeking for books they want to read this month.. Get a copy and enjoy!


As we hopefully begin to thaw out from what has been a very long winter, March offers up enough great books to help us get through what should be (but, I mean, who knows these days?) the last truly rough days of winter. No matter what happens, the month offers plenty to look forward to: great debut novels, follow-ups to new classics, true crime as memoir, a new chance to get into an author you should have been reading all along, and a novelist’s ascension.

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Was Your English Lit Teacher Wrong About Symbolism?

They are not essentially wrong, they just, most of the time, over-read and over-assume into the things that were included in a literature. Anyone could assume that there are symbolism in a certain book or novel, but ultimately, the one who could shed light on their presence or absence is the author.

101 Books

You always wondered if your college lit professor was just making crap up.

Turns out, maybe they were.

This article from The Paris Review offers a revealing take by many famous authors on how much symbolism played a part in their work.

Their comments were prompted by a letter from a 16-year-old Bruce McCallister in 1963. He was tired of the constant find-the-symbolism game in English class, so he took it upon himself to ask them what the big deal was with symbolism.

He mailed a simple four-question survey to more than 150 novelists. About half of them responded. The responses were varied, but most of the authors seemed to think symbolism is overanalyzed. Their comments were awesome:

The survey included the following questions:

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