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Is the UK a Good Place to Study?

It is undeniable that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, typically known by the name the United Kingdom, the UK or Britain, is one of the major political and economic players in the world. Although the UK’s days as world power is now over, the country is still a force to reckon in terms of political and economic stability. Definitely, the UK is a good place to live and stay. However, is the UK also a good place to study?

There have been an increasing number of students from outside the UK looking forwards to jumpstart their higher education training in the country. No, this is not because it is easier to write environmental studies essays in the country. But true, many foreign students want to study in the UK due to the following reasons: Read the rest of this entry


The Best Universities in the World in 2013

Who would care about the best universities in the world? Certainly, a lot would, especially students and education stakeholders. It is because universities and colleges around world strive to become one of the best that they continue to improve the way they provide education to persons deserving it. I, personally, also care. While I’m an education news sender, info breaker and essay writer for you,” I still do care which university is the best in the world.

So, which schools could be considered as best universities in the world?

I have my own ranking of the best universities, but it would be deemed subjective as it is only based on my perception. My own list could be different from yours, and we could forever debate on the differences in the rankings we made. Read the rest of this entry