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Anything that does not really fit into the blog but the blogger has decided to include it for selfish reasons.

When Things Go Busy..

Due to a slew of appointments within the country and in the continent, I was not able to update this blog for a while. I will still be busy for a couple of days or maybe weeks. But rest assured, I will try to post some articles that here. Please bear with my absence for a while.


10 Must-Read Books for March

I’m back and here is a good read for those seeking for books they want to read this month.. Get a copy and enjoy!


As we hopefully begin to thaw out from what has been a very long winter, March offers up enough great books to help us get through what should be (but, I mean, who knows these days?) the last truly rough days of winter. No matter what happens, the month offers plenty to look forward to: great debut novels, follow-ups to new classics, true crime as memoir, a new chance to get into an author you should have been reading all along, and a novelist’s ascension.

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It Takes Two

A very great and inspiring photo essay! Love works all over the world. For a hundred couple, there are a hundred ways of expressing love..

Education, innovation, and tradition

Education is a continuous process. As long as humans and society change through the years and as helped by technology, education will continue to evolve.