How to Commence Your Essay-Writing Task

Students should treat every academic activity as important. That is why they should make an effort to accomplish each activity successfully. However, it has been said that the success of any academic activity typically relies on having a start. This all true for the academic activity called essay writing. For a student to be able to achieve success in writing an academic essay, he must give quite a focus on the beginning of the activity.

The essay writing process does not start when a student begins composing it or its introduction. The essay writing process has already started when the student’s professor gave instructions to compose such academic paper.

Yes, the giving of instructions signals the start of the academic essay writing process. After all, students would not be obligated or duty-bound to write and submit any composition unless assigned by their teachers. Thus, when the teacher give details of the essay writing assignment, the student should pay attention carefully, since the instructions to be given will determine how the activity should accomplished. As much as possible, the student should write down the instructions so as to prevent himself from forgetting them.

After the student received and took note of the instructions, he should then proceed to choose a topic. It is, however, up to the professor whether he would provide a certain topic for the essay writing task. If the professor did not assign any topic to write about, then the student should choose it himself. Choosing an essay topic is a tricky task, since deciding on a wrong one could lead to the ultimate failure of the writing activity. When choosing an essay topic, a student should consider a number of factors, including his interests, knowledge level and writing skills as well as accessibility to relevant information.

Once the student has chosen a suitable essay topic, he should then start looking for its possible content. The content of the academic composition should be relevant to the chosen topic. But how can a student create essay content? To create content for his academic essay, a student should think of relevant ideas and gather related data and information. Then he should arrange and organise his ideas and the gathered information, to allow him to create content that makes sense. This can be easily done by employing an essay outline.

After accomplishing the above tasks, the student could now “formally” write his essay.

The start of the essay writing process is very important. After all, a university student who has a good start could further carry that momentum until the end of the writing process. Thus, a student should try his hardest to gain a start in writing his academic essays.


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