Why Do You Need to Have Good Essay Introductions?

How long have you been writing essays?

For sure, you have already written dozens or even hundreds of essays – of different types, kinds, length and difficulties. But no matter what essay you write, you will always consider the three basic parts of this non-fictional piece of writing.

There are three basic parts of an essay: the introduction, the discussion, and the conclusion. These three parts are interdependent of each other. When writing essays, you as a student should consider each of these parts as vital and important. Your composition could be considered dead if you fail to give importance to each of these parts.

Sadly, though, there are university and college students who seem to underestimate the value of the introduction. Many of them put too much focus on the discussion and the conclusion, but failed to place emphasis on the introduction. For them, the introduction may not be as important as the discussion and the conclusion. But because of that, many of them fail to write first rate essays.

This situation gives rise to the following questions: Is good introduction really important in writing an essay? Why do you need to have a good introduction?

The importance of the introduction in writing an academic essay is undisputable. There are three very compelling reasons why you should always include an introduction when writing an essay.

  • Good introductions attract readers. There is no better way to get the interest of the readers than to write good introductions. The introduction entices readers to become interested in reading the whole composition. Attention is not the only thing that a writer would want to gain from the readers, but also their interest. How good an introduction is determines how much interest it could squeeze from a reader. The more interested is a reader in the essay, the stronger would be his or her urge to read the entire composition.
  • Good introductions provide good first impressions. First impressions last, and the introduction makes the first impression of the composition. When assessing international relations essays, some professors typically read just the introductions, and from doing that, they could already determine whether the essay would present a strong case. The introduction basically gives readers an impression on how the composition will go.
  • Good introductions offer a quality preview. While introductions are there to capture the interest of the readers and provide a good first yet lasting impression of the composition, they also exist to offer a glimpse of what would be discussed in the essay. If you take a look at the examples of essays obtained from your professor or from academic writing services, you could see that they contain introductions that provide readers with information that would serve as a preview of the composition.

What if you are having some difficulties in writing your essay introduction?

If you are having some hard time writing an introduction, consider what you are, in the first place, trying to answer. Consider what your essay will try to discuss and what you will try to say. Then, you should base your introduction on those. This means that your introduction should include your thesis, which is your answer to your primary question.

When you are having some doubts on your introduction, it is always better to write a tentative one. After all, you could change your introduction as your write your composition. This is not unusual since the introduction and the body should be in harmony and it would be awkward if they don’t match. It is always better to have an introduction, a body and a conclusion that complement each other.

Many students do need to write their introduction before they could write the body of their composition. This is the usual pattern for writing any academic composition. But if you are having a difficult time writing your introduction, it might help if you write it last. Writing your introduction last will allow you to derive it from the body of the composition. The entire content of your written composition will allow you to have a clear idea on what to include in your introduction.

If you are still having a hard time on how to write your introduction, you could use some attention grabbers like:

•           Telling an anecdote;

•           Providing an example;

•           Quoting a famous phrase;

•           Giving a puzzling scenario; and

•           Asking a thought provoking question.


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