Consultation on New Grade System in England Launched

Qualifications and exams regulator Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) has started a consultation on a new that will use numbers, instead of the current letter practice.

If the new grading system is adopted, GCSEs in England would have grading approach and structure from GCSEs in Wales and Northern Ireland.

For a short summary, the new grading will entail GCSEs being graded from nine to one. It will replace the existing A* to G grades. Grade Nine will be highest grade possible, which would be equivalent to top half of A* — a grade given to only top 3 percent of students or 20,000 pupils. Grade Five will be linked to international Pisa tests while grade Four will be equivalent to current C grade, which is considered as the passing level. Grade one will be F and G grades.

The changes will be implemented in several phases, starting with students who will take GCSE exams in 2017.

For a story about the new grading system, read here.


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