Graphical Presentations vs Traditional Visual Aids

During reports, presentations or lectures, it is usually much easier to convey the message and intended information if the reporter – students or professors – is using some sort of visual aids, preferably digitally created ones. Thus having presentation graphics for a report or a lecture is a typical thing in the academe. The same is also true in the business world, where managers or employees have to make presentations.

Professors as well as students typically use presentation graphics to boost the value and image of their reports or lecture. With just a few clicks or button pushes, a professor or a student could now conduct a report or a lecture supported and complemented by beautiful visual aids.

Presentation graphics are created by software or programs like the Microsoft PowerPoint, the Open.Office,org Impress and similar applications. Of these presentation graphics programs, it was the PowerPoint that has been widely accepted and used. It is believed that the number of professors and students using Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation graphics are much greater than those using other program combined. That does not, however, deny the fact that graphical presentations offer more advantages and benefits over the traditional visual aids.

What are those advantages and benefits? Well, here they are:

  •  You can prepare your graphical presentations at any place and any time, as long as you have something to work on like a laptop or a notebook. You can create your presentation slides at home, at the office, at school and even during lunch, breaks or dinner.
  • Most universities and colleges as well as business offices typically have overhead screen projectors that could show presentation slides to gigantic dimensions. This means that whatever is placed on the graphical presentations could be viewed much better than those written on a board.
  • Creating graphical presentations is much faster and much easier than writing on the board or any other writing materials. Many presentation graphics software are very user-friendly – creating slides are faster than you think.
  • The texts in the slides are more readable and neater than handwritten notes on the board. You could also choose from a variety of font styles and sizes, depending on your taste and preference. You can be fun and you can also be business-like.
  • Presentation graphics programs allows you to insert images, video and audio clips in the slide. This is almost undoable with traditional visual aids. You could also employ transitions to make the slides livelier.
  • While it might be very difficult to change or edit the contents of traditional visual aids, the slides in a PowerPoint presentation and the like are much easier to edit and customize, as you see deem fit and suitable.
  • Graphical presentations are reusable. You could use the same presentation all over again as situation requires. You could also use a previous graphical presentation as a template for your next one.

I wrote on this topic because I am to give a lecture at a college across the sea this week. I really find graphic presentations more beneficial than traditional ones – I don’t have to carry bulky stuff; I just need my laptop. You don’t have to worry, as you don’t need to be a good essay writer for you to be able to create good graphical presentations.

Now back to creating my presentation; I’m so pressed for time!


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I could call myself as a social reformist with a focus on education. Education is a path, life is a way. I love nature and animals and at the same time I love reading and writing. I love arts and sports and I also have a deep inkling for science. Eugene Holmes is a news breaker, trivia bringer and essay writer for you.

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  1. Would you mind writing something about the usefulness of visual aids?

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