UK University Admission: Six Personal Statement Trivia

When applying for a course in a university or a college in the United Kingdom, you are well expected to submit as well a personal statement. Also known as admission essay, the personal statement is a short yet non-fiction work that allows you to tell about yourself. You have to be an essay writer for you to be able to create a good personal statement.

According to the Universities and Colleges Admission Service or most commonly known as UCAS, the personal statement is your ideal opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants. It will allow you to tell the university you are applying to about you suitability for the course that you want to study. Thus, learning how to write a personal statement is an important matter that you should have more knowledge of.

Before you are to write your personal statement, here are six trivia that might help you in your quest to be admitted at your chosen university or college.

  • Not all universities and colleges place much emphasis on personal statements when deciding whether an applicant is suitable to the course the university or college is offering. This means that some universities and colleges that do not give weight to what is written in the statement. However, just to be safe, you should still write a very persuasive personal statement. This is much better than being sorry.
  • A more simple and direct admission essay is much better and more persuasive than an over-formal or over-familiar statement. It might be more effective if you could keep your sentence length at an average of 12 to 20 words. Trying to limit your sentence length would enable admission tutors to have a better time understanding what you are trying to say in your personal statement.
  • You as an applicant should write about the course first before writing about yourself. Universities and colleges are more inclined to choose applicants who understand what is required to study the course and how to succeed in it than to pick those who just talks about themselves aimlessly in their personal statements. You might be good but may not be suitable for the course you are applying for.
  • Most universities and colleges are raring to see whether their potential students have the skills to help them study and succeed on the course. Thus, you should highlight the skills that you have as well as you involvement in an accredited or non-accredited achievement. This could be more persuasive that you think it is.
  • A quality admission essay increases your chances to persuade admission tutors. The opposite is also true, as personal statements that are laden with mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling would dim your chances to be accepted by the university or college you are applying for. Quality should be a primary concern in writing a statement.
  • Although UCAS has prescribed no format for writing personal statements, it has set a limitation on the length of the piece. You could enter up to 4,000 characters, including spaces, or 47 lines of text, including blank lines, whichever comes first. This is equivalent to roughly 600 words.

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  1. My cousin wants to a university in London. This article could really help. Thanks Eugene!

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