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Graphical Presentations vs Traditional Visual Aids

During reports, presentations or lectures, it is usually much easier to convey the message and intended information if the reporter – students or professors – is using some sort of visual aids, preferably digitally created ones. Thus having presentation graphics for a report or a lecture is a typical thing in the academe. The same is also true in the business world, where managers or employees have to make presentations.

Professors as well as students typically use presentation graphics to boost the value and image of their reports or lecture. With just a few clicks or button pushes, a professor or a student could now conduct a report or a lecture supported and complemented by beautiful visual aids.

Presentation graphics are created by software or programs like the Microsoft PowerPoint, the Open.Office,org Impress and similar applications. Read the rest of this entry


It Takes Two

A very great and inspiring photo essay! Love works all over the world. For a hundred couple, there are a hundred ways of expressing love..

UK University Admission: Six Personal Statement Trivia

When applying for a course in a university or a college in the United Kingdom, you are well expected to submit as well a personal statement. Also known as admission essay, the personal statement is a short yet non-fiction work that allows you to tell about yourself. You have to be an essay writer for you to be able to create a good personal statement.

According to the Universities and Colleges Admission Service or most commonly known as UCAS, the personal statement is your ideal opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants. It will allow you to tell the university you are applying to about you suitability for the course that you want to study. Thus, learning how to write a personal statement is an important matter that you should have more knowledge of.

Before you are to write your personal statement, here are six trivia that might help you in your quest to be admitted at your chosen university or college. Read the rest of this entry

“Student-Led lectures…seeks to address the concerns of students who are missing lectures”

While students could help each other during instances like this, it is still the best to leave the teaching to those who are qualified and well-trained to teach.

What grinds my gears


Its been a little while since I let out a good blog!! This isn’t because of a lack of reasons to get on the proverbial soapbox and have a good rant, but because I have just been a busy bee, so for that I apologies. To make up for it, this will be the first of two posts today. Lets start with getting this pile of horse off my chest!

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