Education stages a child can go through

The main objective of education is to relay knowledge and discover new learning. It is a process of absorbing information for immediate or future use. Informal education starts at home, when parents begin passing down a set of knowledge, skills and behaviour. A child is subjected to parental training and discipline, which parents hope will be the foundation of his overall growth.

As a child grows up, informal education transect with the formal one. Formal education starts when a child enrols in a school, where learning is institutionalized to include the general public.

Many countries have made it compulsory for a child to undergo basic education before attending additional academic training in college. A school offering basic education has to implement a particular curriculum approved by national or local authorities. Educational resources for schools are provided either by the government or by private enterprise.

Compulsory education is divided into two general phases — primary and secondary. Some countries added another phase between the two levels, the middle school, which is considered as transition from primary and secondary. The United Kingdom implements only the primary and secondary levels. The government provides educational resources for schools providing these programs.  Primary education is further divided into two levels, the infant and the junior. The secondary level, meanwhile, offers curriculum that leads to a General Certificate of Secondary Education and/or Vocational Certificate of Secondary Education. Some schools offer a student to extend his secondary education for two more years for another certificate.

After graduation from secondary education, a student may pursue higher education. This level of education, however, is non-compulsory. Higher education schools like universities and colleges offer academic training for different courses. Educational resources for schools offering higher education are funded by tuition and subsidies from concerned government agencies.

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